Sunday, August 23, 2009

The OPAC sucks

We have recently had new OPACs installed at our library, and they are a big improvement.
Hopefully the same will happen for these poor guys soon!

Lyrics are below for those who, like me, found them a little hard to decipher.

Like any technology , however, a lot can depend on the familiarity of the user with the tool...

The OPAC sucks
That's all I gotta say
You're out of luck
If you can't spell "Hemingway"
I'm getting bad results
Don't act like it's my fault
The OPAC sucks
A sad calamity
Like it's stuck
in 8 Million B.C.

The OPAC sucks
So bad that it's a crime
The line is broken
Save the reader's time
What does it want from me?
I'm stumbling blindly

The OPAC sucks
People are confused
It runs amok
Committing its abuse
Years and years and years ago
Computers replaced cards
How come finding what I want
Is just so goddamn hard?

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